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Please see list below for Google Apps training modules:

Services Offered

We offer training sessions for all Google Apps! The Apps traditionally used in schools and businesses alike, include, but are not limited to:
  1. Mail - 1.5 to 2.0 hr. training
  2. Drive - 2.0 hr. training
  3. Sites - 2.0 hr. training
  4. Calendar - 1.0 hr. training
  5. Classroom - 1.0 hr. training
  6. Chromebooks  - 1.0 hr. training
    1. Introduction
    2. Management

      The training sessions below usually last from .5 hr. to 1.5 hr., depending on the application.
  7. Slides
  8. Forms
  9. Sheets
  10. Contacts
  11. Groups
  12. Moderator
  13. Drawing
  14. Reader
  15. Scholar
  16. Maps
  17. Picasa
If there is another Google Apps that you would like training on, please let us know so me can add it to your customized quote.

We also offer remote training sessions at an hourly rate, please contact me for availability and rates.